Collecting Whitefriars Glass

For many years the work of Whitefriars Glass has been a popular field of collecting.

Founded circa 1680 (only fourteen years after the Great Fire of London), Whitefriars Glassworks was built on the site of an old Monastery of the Carmelite Fathers. These monks were also known as the ‘White Friars’, hence the name of the popular glass manufacturer.  

'Whitefriars Glass Works' was Britain’s longest running glass house, only closing fairly recently in 1980. Throughout its history the company pioneered numerous innovations in glass technology, most notably after being purchased by James Powell & Sons in 1834.

These days, enthusiasts are always looking for pieces designed by Geoffrey Baxter. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art, Baxter joined Whitefriars in 1954. He immediately recognised glass as an art-form and began experimenting with numerous methods of producing unusual textures. Famous results included brick, bark and copper wire. His designs were produced in a series of colours known by specific names including ‘Tangerine Orange’ and ‘Kingfisher Blue’. One of the most popular colours for collectors remains ‘Ruby Red’ (keep your eyes peeled for one!).  Whitefriars Glass sits comfortably in any home or setting, whether designed in the ever-popular Mid-Century style or against a more traditional antique backdrop.
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