Attending the Sale

Most people still like to attend the auction in person and bid for the lots they are interested in as they come up.

Viewing and sale dates and times are listed with the sale details at the top of the auction page. For directions to the sale and other helpful information, click the Attend Auction icon at the top of the auction page, or click on any sale location link.

You may think you are the only nervous newcomer in the sale room but there are first time buyers every week and the auctioneers are quite used to helping out novice buyers. The commonly held misconception that if you scratch your ear during a sale you are likely to be landed with something very expensive and unwanted is quite untrue. The unique number on your client registration card not only makes it easier to administer the sale, it also helps you bid clearly.

We require you to register with us prior to bidding in our sales. You will be required to provide basic information to obtain a client registration card i.e your name, address, telephone number and email along with one proof of identification. In return you will receive a permanent reference card number this can be used at any W&H Peacock Auction Centre at Bedford, St Neots or Locke & England Leamington Spa and at auctions we conduct at off site premises. This card must be used whenever you buy or sell.