Lot 1

A pair of Kef model K2 Celeste speakers

Lot 2

A desktop adjustable lamp with magnifying glass

Lot 3

A Denon RCD-M39DAB CD receiver

Lot 4

A Philco turntable

Lot 5

A pair of Denon SC-E313SE speakers

Lot 6

A Union Jack flag on wooden pole

Lot 7

An early 20th century xylophone in lyre shaped black painted frame with eagle…

Lot 8

A 19th century cast iron fireback depicting classical lady

Lot 9

An ornate gilt framed mirror

Lot 10

Eight Ikea pine kitchen chairs, seven of which not assembled

Lot 11

An early 20th century walnut and tulip wood banded over mantle mirror

Lot 12

An early 20th century walnut and strung bevel glass mirror

Lot 13

A tray containing a quantity of prints and pictures of buildings, sailing vessels,…

Lot 14

A tray containing a quantity of picture mounts

Lot 15

Five framed and glazed prints of local buildings and landmarks

Lot 16

A framed and glazed abstract oil painting signed J.R.Gillett December '77

Lot 17

A pair of early 20th century oak framed mirrors

Lot 18

A framed and glazed watercolour titled 'Two Sparrows' signed Anna Chaberek

Lot 19

A gilt framed 19th century bevel glass mirror

Lot 20

A selection of framed and unframed pictures to include pastel, prints, map, etc

Lot 21

A modern rug

Lot 22

A pair of Edwardian rosewood, boxwood, strung and marquetry bedroom chairs

Lot 23

An early 20th century barometer

Lot 24

A 19th century bird's eye maple framed mirror

Lot 25

A framed and glazed watercolour of Tudor buildings signed A.C.Talliss

Lot 26

A framed and glazed etching of cathedral scene

Lot 27

A framed and glazed etching of Lord Leycester hospital of Warwick signed S.Rothwell

Lot 28

A framed and glazed watercolour of Warwick Castle

Lot 29

An Edwardian rosewood, ivory, strung, and marquetry single chair

Lot 30

A framed and glazed hand coloured etching of street scene titled 'Dawn' signed…

Lot 31

A framed and glazed sampler initialed P.S

Lot 32

A pair of gilt framed and glazed oval prints of Baumaris

Lot 33

An early 20th century walnut and parquetry over mantle mirror

Lot 34

A composite stone garden feature depicting fruit basket

Lot 35

A gilt framed circular bevel glass mirror

Lot 36

An early 20th century art nouveau single chair upholstered in green fabric

Lot 37

A framed and glazed painting of Jack and Jill

Lot 38

An early 20th century mahogany and banded oval bevel glass mirror

Lot 39

A framed and glazed watercolour of huntsman on horse along with an oil…

Lot 40

A late 19th century mahogany two door wardrobe, the mirrored doors over single…

Lot 41

A framed and glazed print of Thorington Mill after C.Madwick

Lot 42

A modern French cabinet, the two glazed doors, flanked by panelled cupboard doors

Lot 43

A modern French writing desk/dressing table, the lift up top enclosing fitted interior…

Lot 44

Two framed and glazed Icon prints along with a framed and glazed angel…

Lot 45

An ebonised and parcel gilt framed bevel glass mirror

Lot 46

A modern stand with under tier

Lot 47

A framed and glazed print of famous people to include E.T, Star Wars,…

Lot 48

An early 20th century bird's eye maple two door wardrobe

Lot 49

An oak framed rectangular mirror

Lot 50

A framed Bartholomew's county map of England and Wales