Lot 1001

2 Jarvis Walker Comet 6' spin fishing rods

Lot 1002

2 various fishing rods

Lot 1003

3 Shakespeare Omni 10' match fishing rods

Lot 1004

2 2100 lumen 1500w LAP solar powered floodlights

Lot 1005

4 600 lumen 800w LAP solar powered floodlights

Lot 1006

2 2x950 lumen LAP security lights with 1 1900 lumen security light

Lot 1007

2 4000 lumen 50w security lights with 2 2400 lumen 30w LAP security…

Lot 1008

Quantity of mixed LAP wall lights

Lot 1009

3 60w E27 LAP wall lights

Lot 1010

Quantity of various LAP wall lights

Lot 1011

Quantity of various LAP security lights, wall lights and uplighters

Lot 1012

6 800 lumen 10w LAP security lights with 6 1600 lumen 20w LAP…

Lot 1013

Quantity of various wattage LAP LED wall lights

Lot 1014

Quantity of various wattage LAP LED security lights

Lot 1015

5 2x35w IP44 LAP wall lights

Lot 1016

12 2x800 lumen LAP LED twin security lights

Lot 1017

23 2400 lumen 30w LAP LED security lights

Lot 1018

12 4000 lumen 50w LAP LED security lights

Lot 1019

Box containing various LAP security lights

Lot 1020

Box containing unboxed LAP security lights

Lot 1021

Large box of LAP security lights and wall lights

Lot 1022

(1028) Quantity of various fishing rods

Lot 1023

Paddy Hop Kirk 20L jerry can

Lot 1024

Flymo hover lawn mower with Flymo garden vac

Lot 1025

LAP outdoor LED post light with another LAP wall light

Lot 1026

Quantity of BG weatherproof outdoor switch sockets

Lot 1027

Quantity of various LAP security motion lights

Lot 1028

Shelf containing Luceco LED floodlights with PIR

Lot 1029

11 Luceco Guardian slimline LED floodlight with PIR

Lot 1030

2 Michelin Stealth wiper blades with 2 LED accent light bars

Lot 1031

(1043) Metal plant pot with ratchet strap

Lot 1032

(1031) Bahama Bay outdoor blanket

Lot 1033

Golf set and bag, to include; full set of outward nine irons and…

Lot 1034

(1030) Four boxes of 3 Big Cheese mouse and rat bait

Lot 1035


Lot 1036


Lot 1037


Lot 1038

Box containing 4 outdoor gate hinges

Lot 1039

Car bike rack with pond sump holder

Lot 1040

Box containing unboxed Diall work lights

Lot 1041

Quantity of various wattage Diall LED work lights

Lot 1042

Large quantity of Erbauer 10w rechargeable work lights

Lot 1043

3 Masterplug 40m cable reels

Lot 1044

2 Masterplug 25m cable reels with 45m cable reel

Lot 1045

4 vintage watering cans with Bitburger pot

Lot 1046

Fiskars 9m 16' lopper

Lot 1047

Health Mate Velour heated seat cushion

Lot 1048

Livall bike helmet

Lot 1049

Euro GT portable gas stove in carry case

Lot 1050

Wilson Pro Tour K Factor carry bag with contents of 4 squash racquets