Lot 5001

Tich Herald four paintings and prints - landscapes

Lot 5002

Tich Herald five paintings - bar scenes

Lot 5003

Tich Herald three paintings - portraits

Lot 5004

Tich Herald twelve pencil and charcoal drawings - portraits

Lot 5005

Tich Herald four paintings - portraits

Lot 5006

Tich Herald eight paintings - abstracts

Lot 5007

Tich Herald ten paintings - portraits

Lot 5008

Tich Herald large pencil portrait

Lot 5009

Tich Herald thirteen paintings - portraits

Lot 5010

Tich Herald nine paintings and prints - sill lives and objects

Lot 5011

Tich Herald two paintings - portraits

Lot 5012

Kate Corder 'Respect (Caught in the Act)' print, seven other loose prints by…

Lot 5013

A small group of embroideries etc.

Lot 5014

A small group of pictures and prints (qty)

Lot 5015

Tich Herald a group of prints

Lot 5016

Six folding kitchen chairs with blue rexine seats

Lot 5017

5011 Three oak cased granddaughter clocks

Lot 5018

5212 A lift top blanket box with floral wallpapered panels

Lot 5019

A narrow Continental rosewood cabinet converted from a chest of drawers

Lot 5020

A quantity of holly pattern Christmas crockery by Royal Grafton, Rosina and other…

Lot 5021

A quantity of ceramics including a part Wedgwood tea service, glug-glug water jugs,…

Lot 5022

A quantity of Chinese and Japanese blue and white and other Export ceramics…

Lot 5023

Three Japanese vases and stands and three Oriental figures (6) (af)

Lot 5024

A quantity of metalware including a telescope, three trays, candlesticks etc. (1 x…

Lot 5025

A quantity of collectable's including a pair of opera glasses, a door stop,…

Lot 5026

A group of photographs, oriental prints and frames (2 x boxes) (af)

Lot 5027

A small mirror in a carved wood frame, claw and ball feet, Oriental…

Lot 5028

A quantity of silver plate including flatware, tray, stand etc. (2 x boxes/3…

Lot 5029

A quantity of glassware including drinking glasses and decorative items (4 x boxes)

Lot 5030

A quantity of artificial flower/bonsai displays and fruit (1 x box)

Lot 5031

A quantity of part dinner services including Worcester Evesham pattern dinnerware (6 x…

Lot 5032

Nine vintage radios and record players including Grundig, Pye and others (1 x…

Lot 5033

Three small wooden oils on canvases in gilt frames

Lot 5034

A quantity of loose spare buttons and various fans (1 x box)

Lot 5035

A pair of floral pattern fruit bowls, a model of Rodins 'Thinker', a…

Lot 5036

A quantity of decorative and useful ceramics and a stuffed Paddington bear

Lot 5037

25RR A Korean elm and brass mounted cabinet having four small drawers above…

Lot 5038

Large quantity of childrens dolls, bagatelle board and boxed games

Lot 5039

Quantity of tape cassettes, audio equipment including Aiwa speakers, reel to reel tape,…

Lot 5040

Large quantity of Haynes manuals, magazines, commemorative brochures, novels, girls annuals and Enchanted…

Lot 5041

Quantity of childrens money boxes, clocks, wall barometer, copper jug, dominoes and cards

Lot 5042

Large quantity of Christmas baubles plus Christmas tree, board games and folding plastic…

Lot 5043

Large quantity of cameras and film projectors

Lot 5044

Collection of 1930's and later mantle clocks

Lot 5045

Large quantity of scent bottles, childrens bisque dolls, carnival glass, ornamental animals to…

Lot 5046

Exercise Flex body toner plus an Ab-Doer Extreme fitness machine (af)

Lot 5047

Pallet containing a quantity of movie magazines and film related reference books plus…

Lot 5048

5027 - 2 reproduction tin signs 'Mitchell's Ale' and 'Gilbey's Gin'

Lot 5049

5028 - Helen Bradley framed and glazed print entitled 'Our Christmas Ducks'

Lot 5050

5030 - 2 framed and glazed limited edition prints 'Flowers in Vases'