Lot 1001

A Daxara 147 single axle trailer with tow bar fixing, lid and RBX3100…

Lot 1002

A boxed 3m over hanging parasol

Lot 1003

A stack of plastic garden chairs

Lot 1004

(15) A small wooden table

Lot 1005

(16) A plastic planter with various garden tools and saw

Lot 1006

20 x steel road pins

Lot 1007

A quantity of plastic garden furniture

Lot 1008

2 x wooden worktops

Lot 1009

A quantity of various garden and garage spares in two boxes

Lot 1010

A quantity of charcoal briquettes

Lot 1011

4 pairs of garden shears

Lot 1012

A small bundle of garden tools including rack, broom and step ladder

Lot 1013

Roof bars

Lot 1014

2 x metal wheelbarrows

Lot 1015

(11) A quantity of hose pipe

Lot 1016

A small bucket of fixings

Lot 1017

A boxed wooden folding chair

Lot 1018

A Honda 390 petrol engine ride on lawn mower

Lot 1019

A yellow sack barrow

Lot 1020

A red sack barrow

Lot 1021

A small yellow sack barrow

Lot 1022

A metal heater

Lot 1023

A box containing various garden equipment plus wood off cuts

Lot 1024

Bird cage

Lot 1025

Hamster cage

Lot 1026

Pet cage

Lot 1027

Portable animal hutch/ run

Lot 1028

Small glass table

Lot 1029

Set of roof bars

Lot 1030

(32) Black roof box

Lot 1031

(31) Shower basin

Lot 1032

(37) Briggs & Stratton Quantum XTS50 petrol powered lawn mower

Lot 1033

(35) Atco Commodore B17 petrol powered lawn mower

Lot 1034

Atco Commodore B17E petrol powered lawn mower

Lot 1035

Briggs & Stratton Petrol powered lawn mower

Lot 1036

White Eagle single kayak

Lot 1037

Red Granta single kayak

Lot 1038

(57) 3 various sized rolls of chicken wire

Lot 1039

(41) Round wooden garden table

Lot 1040

(42) Box containing plastic watering can and terracotta pots

Lot 1041

Gas operated patio heater

Lot 1042

4 bags of wood off cuts

Lot 1043


Lot 1044

Garden lawn trolley

Lot 1045

Quantity of garden tools incl. brooms, spade, etc.

Lot 1046

(50) Quantity of red painted wood

Lot 1047

Manual roller

Lot 1048

4 cast metal bench ends

Lot 1049

Basket ball stand and hoop with bag of sand

Lot 1050

Grill Chef gas operated BBQ on trolley